domain effects paid to blog

Domain apparently paid big influence on a blog, Awalanya I also do not believe in traffic a blog. I am also a stick with a free domain by clicking share some articles that invite. but ultimately the same, sometimes I too tired

but until one day I read and asked my friend and many said that a paid domain name to increase traffic a blog.

with curiosity I kept searching for information and finally decided to change the domain to paid domain.

There are several sites stating the same, but some sites claimed effect.

was indeed influential, as there are several service providers as well as the domain of our blog advertise on some of the biggest advertising site.

I experienced this, for example, we had 100 viewers / day with mengshare link and after changing domains silent without share've got 150.

it's just a metaphor only, plainly what if the number of visitors per day is 1000 we can imagine the tremendous surge is not it?

if you believe please try thanks.

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