Love And Money

Love that require money, or money that needs love?

The question is always related, sometimes we say that true love does not need the money, but when we say the obvious reality that is inversely proportional. love needs money.

Then how the relationship between the two to make it more balanced? the question is that in the search by the couple in order to give happiness but not hurt each other.

Affection does not need the money, anyone can give love without any money. however the relationship so it was running without any distinct habits (roads, prizes, and a decent living) it will make our family become bored and will gradually erode and cause running out of the active period.

Therefore try to mutual understanding, because there are times when a person is difficult, and there are times when someone is a lot of money.

But believe if someone has a true love and affection he will not be stingy on pasangannnya if there was sustenance, and we should not be Bringas when our spouse is being difficult. try to understand because it can add harmony.

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