Specifications blog needed !

Specifications blog needed, especially for those of you who preyed seach engine GOOGLE. if you go back to ask why? then the answer is quite true SEO you review it. ranging from ping

Ping your blog, website, or RSS feed for Free

Ability ping each web is different, one must include the specification of web blogs as for example in the http://smallseotools.com ping either entertain, technology, or other.

a blog should have a flagship product for example, your blog contains a collection of music then unggulkan music. mp3 its not just a problem try to discuss issues lirick band profiles and more.

but still mp3 a top priority, if your website is full of mp3 and a lot of promotion so your site will be automatically recommended by google. the more sites you visited various sites in different time and it will be recommended. then your site include good site

Information support is very important but the main content is more important, if you want to selfishly keep posting all things internet problems then you will always lose to the specific blog.

There are other factors that support such alexa rank, page rank etc.. but little effect. you install the widget useless lot but never posted. rank will be the same, and finally on the road to your blog.

So I think it's important specification blog.

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